Awards and Discounts

Awards for Researchers

 The Austro-Swiss and German IBS regions offer awards for researchers. Details (eligibility criteria, deadlines etc.) can be found at:

The winners will be awarded at the occasion of CEN-ISBS's plenary award session, where the awarded researchers will have the opportunity to present their work.

Special Discounts on the Conference Fee

Researchers from Central European countries not represented in the German or Austro-Swiss regions are particularly encouraged to consider attending the conference. To this end, we will grant 50 special discounts (50%) on the conference fee. This special discount is intended to researchers from such countries but is not exclusively limited to them. In order to apply for a discount, an abstract has to be submitted (please indicate that you want to apply for a special discount during the submission process). Awards will then be granted based on the scientific value of the submitted abstract and eligibility after evaluation by a committee. Notification of decision will be given by 15 May 2017.

Young Statisticians Session

Students at the end of their bachelor's or master's thesis or post-graduate students in their first year may opt for having their submitted abstract considered for the Young Statisticians Session. The Young Statistician Session can be seen as prestigious rehearsal. As a chosen Young Statistician, you can present your research in English in a friendly atmosphere with the opportunity to get feedback on your presentation (performance, content, layout, etc.). The deadline for applications is 17 March 2017. Further details can be found here.

Student helpers

Student helpers participate for free!

We also offer the possibility for students to attend the conference free of charge, if they enlist as student helpers for the conference. Your tasks are to support our local team at the registration desk, in the speaker ready room, in the lecture halls and at the entry doors. Please contact us if interested.

IBS Regional Meeting Travel Award Program 2017

The International Biometric Society Awards Fund Committee has instituted a program to assist IBS members from developing countries in attending conferences sponsored by IBS Regions or Networks.

If you are interested in attending CEN-ISBS Vienna 2017, but don't have the resources to attend, please consider submitting an application for a travel grant. This Society program is competitive, and 2017 grants will not exceed $2,000 USD.

The guidelines for awarding grants are available on the IBS website. All applications for funds should be completed and submitted via the IBS Regional Meeting Travel Grant Application at least 90 days prior to the conference you wish to attend.